Types of Dartboards

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Dartboards are the target half of the game of Darts. There are many different darts games, and dozens of types of dartboards. Dartboards vary in both materials, and in layout.

Materials used for dartboards have included wood, sisal fiber, paper, straw, and a wide variety of plastic materials. (Dartboards are not, however, made of any type of animal hair or fur.)

Most visitors to this site are likely most familiar with the British style “English Clockface” bristle dartboard, or the electronic version with similar layout.

Arachnid Coin-op SoftTip Dartboard

However, at one time several other dart boards were common in England, among them them the wooden Manchester and Lincoln dartboards.  These were generally hand made of elm wood, with different layout and size from the modern clockface bristle board.

This site will provide information about the less common dartboards, but the main emphasis will be on the English Clockface Bristle Dartboard, and its counterpart in the soft-tip world of electronic darts.

While browsing this site, the word “dartboard” will generally refer to one of those two types, unless specifically noted otherwise.

Bandit Pro-Trainer Practice Dartboard
GLD Solar Blast SoftTip Dartboard