LED Dartboard Lighting

In order to promote energy efficiency, traditional incandescent light bulbs are being phased out in the USA, as well as in many other countries.  LED lighting manufacturers claim that using their lights can result in electricity savings ranging from 30% to 80%.

As traditional bulbs disappear, and darters find fewer light bulb choices available, they will need to consider which alternative light source might be best for lighting their dartboards. Continue reading LED Dartboard Lighting

The Future of Darts

Technological change has affected Darts in many ways over the years.  In the late 30’s, Bristle dartboards were invented and replaced wooden dartboards.  In the 70’s & 80’s, tungsten darts and soft-tip electronic dartboards became common.

Since then there have been many developments in electronic scoreboards, advanced wire systems for bristle dartboards and dozens of new types of accessories such as flights & shafts.

What’s the next major transformative technology for Darts?

The next series of articles will discuss how new technology might change darts in both the near and distant future.

Rick Osgood

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