Darts Shop

RDGfltwall012213If you happen to be in Houston, Texas, be sure to visit Rick’s Darts & Games.  Established in 1974, this is America’s oldest Darts Pro Shop, and it stocks  just about everything you can imagine for Darts!

Owner Rick Osgood is available most afternoons for free darts lessons, and the staff is always glad to help you pick the “just-perfect” dart for your grip & throwing style.  Three try-out dartboards are available for you to test-throw both soft-tip and steel-tip darts.

RDG Flight Wall

Hundreds of Darts sets; Thousands of Flights & Shafts!

Note: If you are stopping by for a free coaching session, it is a good idea to call first to make an appointment. 

Rick’s Darts & Games also carries a wide variety of other traditional games & recreations, including Disc Golf, Chess, Billiards, Cribbage, Dominoes, Kites, Puzzles, and lots more!