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Types of Dartboards

Nodor Supawire2

Dartboards are the target half of the game of Darts. There are many different darts games, and dozens of types of dartboards. Dartboards vary in both materials, and in layout. Continue reading Types of Dartboards

Bristle Dartboard Care

All bristle dartboards are made of sisal rope fiber, a vegetable fiber similar to hemp.  As such, it is subject to the same types of damage as any other natural rope fiber.  With a little care and moderate use, a good quality bristle dartboard can last for years of darts play. Continue reading Bristle Dartboard Care

Future of Darts – Scorekeeping

When considering  different aspects of Darts that might be ripe for technological change, score keeping immediately comes to mind.

nodorsupawire2_250pxDarts score-keeping systems have stagnated for decades, and this appears ripe for change in the very near future.  Currently, most steel-tip darts games are still scored with chalk or other manual marking methods.  The mechanical workings of soft-tip darts machines have not changed significantly since the 1970’s.

But technology moves on, and that is especially true of computers & electronic sensor technology.  Modern smartphones contain more computer capacity than typical mainframe computers of the 1970s.  Video cameras and ultrasonic sensors are now cheap enough to integrate into consumer devices ranging from phones to children’s toys. Continue reading Future of Darts – Scorekeeping